10 reasons why you shouldn't cheat on your partner

Each relationship has its ups and downs and the worst thing you could do when you're having couple problems is to cheat on your partner. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Your partner will find out.

It may cross your mind that "No one will find out", but trust us, someone will. If it were something you alone knew - say, you forgot to take your vitamins - you'd be safe. But this is something at least 2 people know and it will eventually come out.

2. You'll break your partner's heart.

Finding out that you cheated will feel worse than you telling them that you're no longer in love. Just find the courage to break up with your partner if you're no longer happy about your relationship. They'll suffer, but they'll appreciate your honesty and it will hurt less.

3. You may not get something better.

Sure, you've met someone hotter, younger and apparently more interesting, but that doesn't mean they really are as exciting as they seem in the beginning. Once you get to really know the other person, you might regret it. Also, the morality and values of someone who gets involved with a married person can be seriously questioned.

4. You'll lose a lot.

Your family, your friends and eventually half of your stuff. People will most likely stick with the person who was betrayed and you'll end up being the lying villain. Sure, your marriage wasn't perfect, but you're the one who cheated and this is what everyone will remember.

5. It won't be a one-time thing.

It never is, and you'll end up ruining your longtime relationship. If you still love your partner, don't make a one-time mistake that will make a permanent damage.

6. Cheating is for cowards.

Yes, it takes courage to admit that your relationship is over. You need guts to start things over and it's sure not easy to resist temptation. Cheating is easier, but it's also what weak, coward people do.

7. It won't solve any of your issues.

If you're cheating to get back at your partner for something they did, it's a bad idea. Not only it won't solve your issues, but it will make things worse. You had a fight and you're mad? That's understandable. Go out, clear your head and then sit down and talk about it.

8. It will affect your future relationships.

Everyone will know you as that person who destroyed their marriage by sleeping with someone else. Everyone. Your friends, your coworkers, and your family. Who in the world would want to be involved with someone who is known to be a cheater?

9. It will end things.

Your partner will eventually leave you and your longtime relationship will end. Yes, even if it was a one-time thing. Yes, even if didn't mean anything. Yes, even if you're sorry and you swear it won't happen again. Are you ready for your marriage to end? If so, just end it yourself before getting involved with someone else.

10. You'll be complicating your life.

Everything will be more complicated after. Family dinners will be awkward. Your friends will talk behind your back. Your kids will probably hate you. And let's not forget about the third person, who will get blamed for wrecking your marriage.

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