10 Signs you're dating a narcissist

Are you dating a narcissist? Read the signs and find out!

1. They love to talk about themselves.

Narcissists talk about themselves in grandiose and often exaggerated terms, requiring constant admiration. They always dominate a conversation and focus on personal achievements, envy-worthy aspects of their lives, their amazing looks or material accomplishments.

2. They are very charming, but only in the beginning.

In the very first part of a relationship with a narcissist, they simply amaze you. You have the illusion that you've just found your soul mate. They make you feel very special, they compliment you a lot and they point out the many things you have in common. They surprise you with gifts and grand gestures that will sweep you off your feet, but it's only temporary.

3. You can't rely on them.

They promise you the moon and when they fail to keep their word, they blame it on you or others. They often make appointments they don't attend, they disappear when you need them the most and their actions are almost never consistent with their words.

4. They are manipulative.

Narcissists always try to get you to do things for them, by taking advantage of your feelings. Their requests are often unreasonable and when someone rejects them, they react like it's the end of the world. Narcissists only see their partners as tools they need in order to fulfill their personal needs.

5. They often break rules and social norms.

Narcissists think of themselves as superior creatures who shouldn't have to respect the common rules and social norms. They are often late for work or appointments, they cut lines, they steal office supplies or disobey traffic laws, without feeling any remorse. They actually believe that they are too special to obey the rules.

6. They expect preferential treatment.

Narcissists think of themselves as special and they expect preferential treatment from others. They are the center of the universe, so they believe they're entitled to be served by everyone, including their partner.

7. They feel superior.

Narcissists constantly put others down. They see their colleagues as inferior, they treat service people with superiority and they constantly make negative remarks towards others.

8. They don't accept rejection.

Since they believe that they're the center of the universe, they feel entitled to anything. They often make unreasonable claims and when someone rejects them they respond with anger, personal attacks, sarcasm, passive-aggression, guilt trip or threats.

9. They won't commit to a serious relationship.

For a narcissist, a relationship is nothing but a tool that fulfills some temporary needs. They won't commit to something serious because they still keep an eye out for others, that may be more eligible. And when another person shows up, the narcissist will quickly jump to the next victim, without ever looking back.

10. They don't recognize the needs of others.

They lack the ability to empathize with others. The people in their lives are nothing but tools they use for their personal interest. They can't or simply don't want to think about your feelings or needs unless they overlap with their personal agenda.

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