8 ‘Rude’ Things People Do That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

For people who deal with anxiety, it is sometimes hard to interact and socialize. They might act 'weird' and even seem 'rude' sometimes, but in reality, they could be coping with anxiety.

Before jumping to conclusions and calling someone 'rude', 'impolite', or 'weird', consider the fact that they may be dealing with something. Those who suffer from anxiety have their own ways and mechanisms of coping with their disorder, and while it may seem strange to you, know that for them it's not easy at all.

Here's a list of gestures that people who deal with anxiety often do, and could be misinterpreted as rudeness by people around them.

1. Canceling plans the very last minute.

You plan ahead, make a reservation, even talk on the phone just hours before your meeting, and while you're waiting for your cab to arrive, they call. They won't be able to see you after all. You aren't happy. Who does that? Well, someone who couldn't wait to see you, but just got an anxiety attack. While they really want to do this, they're just not up to it. They wish they were, and they feel terrible about it.

2. Blowing up over small things.

You seem to have a nice conversation, while suddenly, your friend snaps. Their tone becomes harsh and they seem to be blowing up over something insignificant. You see, people who deal with anxiety often feel like they're on the edge, and the smallest detail just pushes them over. It's not personal, they won't be upset with you, and you shouldn't, either. They will cool off. Give them space and don't make them feel bad or ashamed about it.

3. Interrupting people.

You're in the middle of a conversation, you're telling a story when your friend suddenly interrupts you by saying something completely unrelated. Who does that? You should know that people who are dealing with anxiety often have trouble organizing their thoughts. They do feel bad about it, and they realize it is rude. But also, if they don't share that info right away, they'll completely forget about it in the next 2 seconds.

4. Avoiding eye contact.

You're talking to your friend and they seem to focus really hard on their coffee, or phone. Is the internet more interesting than what you're saying? Of course not, and it has nothing to do with you. When they are feeling anxious, they just can't look anyone in the eyes. They need a few minutes, to overcome this moment.

5. Playing on their phone a lot.

They know it's rude, but especially during group gatherings, people who deal with anxiety may not feel very comfortable. It's your birthday, and your best friend seems to be very focused on their phone. They don't want to be rude, they're trying just to keep their mind busy, so they can avoid an anxiety attack.

6. Being distant.

Your friend seems to be distant, almost avoiding you and you can't figure out why. If they are dealing with anxiety, they might just need some time to focus on them and their mental health. They are aware that they're no fun when they're having a bad day or week. They know they'll suck up all your energy and it won't make them feel any better. So, they might just need a few days, or weeks, to overcome whatever they're dealing with.

7. Avoiding people in public.

You spot one of your friends in public, and they seem to avoid saying hi. They may not feel like talking to anyone. They may feel insecure. They may worry about saying something stupid or bursting into tears the second they make eye contact. They may fear you'll ask an uncomfortable question. People who deal with anxiety worry A LOT. Don't get upset. Give them the space they need.

8. Being defensive.

Sarcasm and being very defensive are common for those who deal with anxiety. They sometimes just need some space, so they may push people away. It's rude, and it hurts, especially when it comes from someone you care about. Don't take it personally, they don't mean to offend you.

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