Avocados Caused Nearly 9000 ER Visits In USA Last Year

They may be healthy, but if you're not careful, they can also be dangerous. Nearly 9000 injuries were caused by avocados last year, just in the US.

8,900 people went to the Emergency Room, due to avocado-related injuries.

8,900 people went to the Emergency Room, due to avocado-related injuries.

According to a calculus made by the Epidemiology team at US CPSC and shared with INSIDER, the official estimate of avocado-related ER visits in 2018 is 8,900.

Almost all of these 8,900 people had suffered lacerations and injuries to hands and fingers, while they were cutting avocados. However, there was at least one instance of someone slipping off a stool while picking avocados.

This is not the first time avocados are considered dangerous. In 2017, there's been reported an epidemic of "avocado hand" in the UK, after a surgeon told The Times that the number of patients who accidentally sliced into their hands while cutting avocados is significantly growing.

According to CPSC's representative Joe Galbo, "A lot of times folks will try to remove the avocado pit with a carving knife or have their fingers wrapped around the avocado while they're cutting. Both of those techniques could lead to a bad cut and a trip to the ER."

The social media team at CPSC has been periodically posting an avocado warning message, ever since the "avocado hand" became a thing. "We know it's not as cool as using a knife, but removing the pit with a spoon is the best way to stay safe while cooking with avocado".

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