Bears Kept Stealing This Man's Honey, So He Turned Them Into Professional Testers

When his beehives were attacked by bears, Ibrahim Sedef found a solution to benefit both parts.

Everyone knows that bears love honey. They like it so much, they often raid beehives, cause beekeepers a lot of trouble. The damages are sometimes worth a lot of money, so you can imagine the nightmare these people go through when their bee farms are 'visited' by bears.

Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural engineer from Trabzon, Turkey who works in beekeeping. For a while now, he has been struggling to keep bears from destroying his hives, in their attempt to steal honey.

He tried securing them with metal cages, and even left out bread, fruit, and honey, to attract the bears away from the hives. However, none of his solutions worked. The beekeeper decided to learn more about the animals' behavior and installed trap cameras on his bee farm. This is when he came up with a great idea on how to turn the situation into an opportunity.

Since they have such a good taste for honey, Sedef decided to turn them into honey tasters.He set up a table with 4 kinds of honey on it and analyzed the bears' preferences. He wasn't disappointed.

The bear preferred the Anzer honey, and always tasted it first, sometimes completely ignoring the cherry blossom honey. This honey is one of the most famous in Turkey and it's not cheap: 2 pounds cost more than $300.

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