Being Kind And Polite Is Free

Some people tend to forget this...

Being kind comes so easily for those with a good heart. Considering other people's feelings, helping someone in need, being generous and giving all the time. Kindness is for free, and it could change this whole world. If only we'd all practice it more! So many people spread negativity by speaking hurtful words and insults.

When you are kind to a person, they will pass the on goodness to someone else, who in turn will pass it on further. A simple gesture of kindness can have a huge impact. You don't have to make a grand gesture to show your kindness. Start with the little ones. Be nice to others, and only speak the sweetest words. Don't insult others, don't ever be rude. Even if they deserve it, fight negativity with positivity. Don't judge others, because you don't know the whole story. Be honest, don't lie, don't cheat. Help an old lady with her bags, even though you're not paid to. It's not your duty, but it will make her day. When you see a lady dropping all her groceries in the parking lot, stop and give her a hand, even though you're in a hurry. These tiny gestures could mean so much for others!

Saying 'hello' when you enter a room, and 'goodbye' when you leave, is not outdated. Saying 'thank you' when someones makes you a service or favor, even if you're paying them, is also still a thing. Or at least, it should be, because sadly, so many people forgot all about manners. Yes, we're all busy, but that shouldn't keep us from being nice to each other. Everyone's always in a rush, but that shouldn't stop us from being polite. Be kind and polite, even when others aren't. Teach your kids to be the same, and maybe with little steps we'll make this whole world a bit kinder, more patient, and respectful.

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