How dirty is your mind?

Answer these riddles and find out!

1. What goes in dry and hard but comes out soft and wet?

2. Your finger fits right in it, you play with it when you're bored and once you're married, you're stuck with the same one forever. What is it?

3. What's six inches long, goes in your mouth, and is more fun if it vibrates?

4. You play with it at night in bed. You're not allowed to fiddle with it a work. Only very special people are allowed to touch it. What is it?

5. What's long and hard and has cum in it?

6. What does a cow have four of that a woman only has two of?

7. What gets longer when pulled, fits between breasts, slides neatly into a hole, has choked people when used improperly, and works best when jerked?

8. What do men keep in their pants that their partners sometimes blow?

9. It starts with an "F" and ends with a "K". It's fun to do but you hate knowing your parents do it too. What is it?

10. What starts with "p" and ends with "orn" and is really popular in the movie industry?

Here are the right answers:

1. A sponge.

2. A ring.

3. A toothbrush.

4. Your smartphone.

5. A cucumber.

6. Legs.

7. A seatbelt.

8. Money.

9. Facebook.

10. Popcorn.

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