In Ecuador, You Can Eat Guinea Pig-Flavoured Ice Cream

Apparently, it tastes like chicken. Would you try it?

Traveling around the world, you'll find many odd eating habits. To you, eating guinea pigs may sound crazy, but to people in Ecuador, that's not very unusual. In fact, the guinea pig is a traditional hot dish in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.

In Ecuador, it's usually cooked with salt and served with potatoes and peanut sauce. However, María del Carmen Pilapaña reinvented the dish into ice cream. You can buy a cone for just 1 $ at her stall next to the highway.

She prepares the ice cream by cooking a pate from guinea pig meat. She adds milk or cream to the paste and refrigerates it until it has the rough consistency of ice cream. 

"My family and my husband thought I was crazy. They didn't think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they're our main product."

In addition to guinea pig ice cream, her menu also includes ice cream flavored with beetles. In the future, she plans to introduce new flavors like crab, chicken, and pork.

People liked the idea. "I was suspicious, but it was tasty," said Marlene Franco, a 78-year-old retiree who tried a scoop. Even though Pilapaña's business is small, the demand is growing. The woman prepares 150 servings of guinea pig ice cream and 40 servings of beetles ice cream, every week.

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