Man Shamed For Proposing In KFC Gets His Wedding Funded By Companies

A woman tried to shame this guy for proposing in a KFC, but something amazing happened.

This man took his girlfriend to dinner, got on one knee and proposed. Because the romantic gesture happened in a KFC in South Africa, a woman found it appropriate to shame the man for not choosing a 'classier' restaurant. But the whole thing backfired, and something amazing happened: some of the biggest companies offered to fund the couple's wedding.

"SA [South African] men are so broke they even propose at KFC. They have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC," the woman wrote. If she expected laughs, she didn't get them, because no one thought her tweet was funny. Who shames someone like that for being 'broke'? People who don't have a lot of money fall in love, too, you know. Luckily, not everyone shared this woman's opinion, and the internet came together to fund this couple's wedding.

KFC South Africa posted a message, trying to find the happy couple. They soon did, and global brands like PUMA, Huawei, McDonald's, Uber, and Audi have offered their help. PUMA gifted an R10,000 (approximately $680) voucher, Huawei-two of their phones, but the Standard Bank topped them all by offering the couple to clear their loans up to R300,000 (over $20,000!).

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