Priest Brings Stray Dogs To Sunday Mass To Help Them Get Adopted

This priest helps dogs find forever homes by bringing them to mass.

Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes from Brazil invites stray dogs into his church and has even made them part of his service, to help them find homes.

Gomes leads the parish of Santana in the city of Gravatá. He regularly brings dogs into his mass, to convince his parish to adopt them. The man takes care of the dogs at his rectory and brings them into Sunday service to shew them to his parish. The idea came to him one day when someone offered him cookies. He left them out during mass, and they were quickly snapped, which gave him an idea when he came across a dog kennel with 96 souls.

"Then I began to bring the dogs to mass, with the same hopes of giving them away.

In six months, I finished this process. All dogs were adopted.

Now I work with street dogs. They sometimes come into the church looking for food and water.

During service, we speak about dogs of the street, about how to respect and protect them. The church also helps with a castration project (to limit the number of stray dogs).

We also help dogs in emergencies such as victims of violence or health problems," the priest said.

Thanks to his initiative, the number of dogs living on the streets has decreased significantly. The priest could help it and adopted three dogs himself.

Such a wonderful person!

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