Showing Your Love Everyday Matters More Than Saying I Love You

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If you look back at past relationships, how many times have you heard 'I love you'? And how many times were these just words? Unless sustained by actions proving it, the words 'I love you' mean nothing. Here are some of the things you can do to show your love.

1. Listen.

The most beautiful feeling one can have in a relationship is "being heard". It's so important to feel you're being listened to when you're pouring your heart out, or when you're expressing your deepest wishes or fears. So, When your partner needs to express their feelings, make sure you listen.

2. Take care of your partner.

Take care of them and their health. When they're too busy or too tired to cook, you cook instead, even if it's usually their thing. If you see they're under a lot of stress, help them overcome it. Be there for each other.

3. Be kind.

Whatever the situation, even if you're having the worst argument in your relationship, make sure you remain kind. Even if you lose your calm, don't ever insult them, disrespect them, put them down, or be mean. Always be kind.

4. Stand up for them.

Always stand up for your partner. It's so upsetting to see couples criticizing and putting each other down, especially in front of their friends. You see them team up with anyone but their partner, attacking them, insulting them and calling them names. That's not what loving couples do.

5. Support your partner.

If you really love your partner, you should be their number one supporter. You should cheer for them and give them all your support. You should encourage them to follow their dreams, and be by their side as they work hard to achieve their goals.

6. Be on the same team.

Being on the same team means setting goals together, and working side by side for them. When there's a decision to be made, teammates consult each other, not other people. And take consider each other's feelings and opinions before making any plan or decision.

7. Respect your partner.

If you really love your partner, you should always treat them with respect. Never speak disrespectfully and treat them the same way you like to be treated yourself. Be kind, speak loving words, and always consider their feelings and opinions before doing or saying anything. Respect their space and time, their values and beliefs, as well as their friends and family.

8. Do things together.

Even though you have separate jobs and maybe different friends, make time to do something together every day. Cook, watch a movie, clean, go on vacation, start a project, read the same book, take a dancing lesson. Whatever it is, spend time together. It's so important to create memories together.

9. Give them space.

People who are in love spend a lot of time together, but they also give each other space. When they need some alone time, or when they want to meet their friends or family, make sure you respect that and don't argue with them for it.

10. Be affectionate.

Never forget to show your affection, not even after decades of being together. Hold hands, kiss, cuddle, and hug each other as often as possible.

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