The 3 Great Loves

It is said that we all fall in love three times in our lives and it is completely different each time.

According to this theory, each person experiences 3 great loves in a lifetime, and they are completely different. With each of the 3 persons we fall in love in a different way, for distinct reasons and none of the experiences resembles the others.

1. The first love

Our first love seems perfect, right from the beginning. It feels like it's been destined and that there's no way it won't last forever. It's that relationship that makes people around you believe in true love, that story that can't ever end. You are certain that this will be the only love in your life, that you'll grow old together and proudly tell your grandkids "for 80 years we've only loved each other". You strongly believe that you've been destined to be together, so you ignore the small issues because you can't even imagine that your love isn't a fairytale.

2. The second love

The second love is the hardest one. It's meant to teach you who you are and how you need to be loved. It's the love that hurts because it comes with lies, fights and way too many tears. It's the love you find it hardest to let go. You hag on to it, hoping that things will change and you give it chances over chances, telling yourself each time that "this time things will be different". The second love is the worst of all: unhealthy, unbalanced and selfish. It comes with manipulation, emotional and sometimes even physical abuse. It comes with drama, ups, and downs which you accept for the sake of the good times. Which are indeed, memorable... precisely because they were so rare. In this second love, you spend more time trying to fix things, than actually enjoying it.

3. The third love

The third love comes so naturally, you can't even believe things can actually be so simple. It's like nothing you've ever imagined and you have no expectation whatsoever that it's gonna work. But the third love comes with a connection you can't explain, precisely because you've never planned it.

It's that love that brings together two people who simply, without an effort, are a great fit. Two people who accept each other as they are, support and encourage each other. It comes with no irrealistic expectations, no pressures, no absurd claims.

It's not the fairytale love, not what you've always imagined and it doesn't comply with the rules and standards you used to have. But it is the love that just feels perfect.

The third love is the one that teaches us that love doesn't have to be a storm, but rather a serene summer night.

Maybe we don't all have the chance to experience all these 3 loves in a lifetime. Maybe some of us are lucky to stop at the first or the second love. If we're lucky, we learn the lesson from each of them and keep on loving until we find the one that is simply perfect; the one that makes us better; the one we've never even dreamed of; the one that teaches us how we really need to be loved.

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