This Man Tried To Escape Prison By Dressing Up As His Daughter

When his daughter visited him in prison, he left her behind and tried to walk out dressed as her. He almost got away with it!

Clauvino da Silva, aka "Shorty," is serving a 73-year sentence for drug trafficking in Gericinó prison, Rio de Janeiro. The 42-year-old Brazilian was one of the leaders of the Red Command criminal group, which controlled drug trafficking in a big part of Rio.

The man seems to hate being imprisoned, as this is not his first attempt. In 2013 he managed to escape prison through the sewer but was eventually caught. Now, he tried to leave jail through the main gate, leaving his 19-year-old daughter behind.

Officials have released pictures showing da Silva wearing a silicone mask, a wig, glasses, jeans, and pretty pink T-shirt. And if he hadn't acted so nervous, maybe he could've gotten away with it. Luckily, the guards saw him acting nervously and stopped him from escaping the prison. He's back behind bars and authorities are investigating his daughter's role as an accomplice in his escape attempt. After this incident, da Silva was moved to a maximum-security prison and will suffer disciplinary sanctions.

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