What This Lake 'Monster' Had Swollen Will Leave You Speechless. 'It Had Tears In His Eyes...'

The enormous fish was saved by some very kind people.

A Romanian fisherman managed to save an enormous sturgeon that was floating in Lake Sarulesti, Romania.

The 52-year-old fisherman wrote in his post that the fish had been seen for several days floating on the lake's surface, looking very ill.

"For several days, the staff from security service had reported that a large sturgeon appears in the early hours of the day on the surface of the water and it stands very still ... often floating in drift." the man wrote.

After 5 days of supervision, along with 6 other people, the man took the boat and when the fish appeared at the surface, they moved towards it. They managed to catch the huge sturgeon, that offered no resistance.

"Its face was no doubt oriented to the boat and it looked exactly in our eyes .. motionless, hard to say if he had tears... I would say yes." the touching post reads.

They analyzed the creature, that seemed to have nothing broken, nothing hit, yet looked ill.

"a twig, a remnant of a raffia bag with some plastic scraps and other waste just inside the mouth, stuck tightly ...."

After a couple of minutes, the man managed to get out a handful of plastic trash from the fish's mouth. " I get something out that is not related to its environment but something done by the human hand!"

Luckily, the story has a happy ending:

"In 40 minutes the monster takes power. It struggles ... the fish who stayed almost all in the water, came to life .... it moves! ... then it leaves in no minute, moving his tail... wetting the whole audience ... exactly 7 people."

However, so many other creatures don't get to be saved. Our trash kills them! Next time you throw away your garbage, think about how many brave fishermen we'd need to save them all.

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