10 Reasons Why You'Re Lucky To Have An Aquarius In Your Life

Got an Aquarius in your life? Let's see if these traits fit them!

1. They have strong characters.

Aquarians are confident individuals with strong personalities. They are bold and intelligent, so they won't just go with the flow. If you want to change their opinion, you're going to need facts and logical arguments. Aquarius-borns have strong moral principles and they stand by what they believe in.

2. They are intelligent.

They are analytical and have a great interest in knowledge. Aquarians are always thirsty to learn more, and they are curious about everything. They make great conversation partners, as they know all kinds of things, from Literature to Physics. You'll never get bored on a date with an Aquarius born.

3. They are original.

They don't really care about what others think of them. They are aware of their value, and if they're in the mood to wear a weird outfit, they'll just do it. They are creative and original, so they may seem eccentric. However, they're so confident in their weirdness, they often start trends without even meaning to.

4. They are humanitarians.

Aquarians care. About everyone and everything. Poverty, recycling, equality are just some of the things they're interested in. They know they can make a difference in this world, so they often live alternative lifestyles, do volunteer work, or donate to charity.

5. They are loyal.

They stick to their ideals, principles, and values, but also their friends and family. If you're part of an Aquarian's life, you're stuck with them forever. And they'd do anything for you, as long as you don't expect them to compromise. That's something they never do.

6. They are hilarious.

The Aquarius-born always tells the best jokes and lights up the mood like no one else. They are hilarious, and as a result, they're very popular, too. At a party, they're always in the center of attention, even if they aren't really enjoying it. They'd rather talk about science with their best friend or slow dance with their partner.

7. They are always there for you.

When an Aquarian has a friend in need, they drop everything else to help them. If you need a shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night, they will be there. And they'll tell you a story so funny, you'll completely forget what you were sad about in the first place. They have such good hearts, there isn't anything they wouldn't do to help others. You can count on them, always, for anything you need.

8. They are spontaneous.

Due to their curiosity and creativity, Aquarians hate monotony. You'll never get bored with them because they avoid being bored themselves. Don't be surprised if they tell you one morning to pack your bags because you're going on a trip. They are spontaneous, so you never know what adventure awaits when you have an Aquarian in your life.

9. They are very protective of the people they love.

Aquarius-borns take family, love, and friendship very seriously. They would do anything for the ones they love, and if someone messes with one of theirs, they're gonna have a bad time. They may be fun and popular, but if you hurt someone they care about, they will find you and probably kick your ass.

10. They are persistent.

When an Aquarium-born sets their mind to something, they don't give up until they've obtained it. They may be a little stubborn, but this trait helps them a lot, especially when it comes to their career. If there's a promotion available, they won't rest until they get it. If they fall in love with someone, they will do anything to win their heart. And if they want to take you on a trip, you'd better start packing.

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