10 Things Loving Couples Never Do, Not Even When They're Angry

Where there's real love, these things never happen.

1. Insult each other

People who really love each other get into arguments, too. They might even yell or slam doors, but there are some things they'd never do. One of them is saying hurtful things, insults, disrespectful remarks, or humiliating words. Once you speak words that hurt someone's feelings, you can never take them back. And they leave marks, even after the conflict is over. If you really love someone, you'd never do that to them.

2. Walk away.

In healthy relationships, problems get solved by talking about them and reaching an agreement. Walking away from a talk, and saying things like 'I can't stand this, call me when you're done fighting', won't work in the long term. Frustrations and negative emotions will pile up and eventually burst out. Whenever you disagree, talk about it, solve it, put it behind you, and never bring it up again.

3. Bring up past fights.

If everyone would be held responsible for ALL their mistakes every day, we'd all be living in hell. We're not perfect, we make mistakes, couples sometimes have disagreements, but we have to put them behind us. If you'll bring up all the past fights each time you disagree with your partner, you will never stop arguing. It will go on forever. If your partner has upset you in the past, if you decided to forgive them and put it behind you, leave it there, in the past. Don't bring it up every chance you got. And don't keep score. You are on the same team.

4. Get revenge.

We are all human, we're not perfect, so we will make mistakes. You might hurt your partner, and your partner might hurt you, but you don't want to turn it into a contest and get your revenge. Because your relationship will turn into a nightmare. If your partner upsets you, you can forgive them, or not. If you can't, then put an end to it, and move on with your life.

5. Threaten each other.

It's so terrible to hear two people who are supposedly in love threaten each other with a divorce, leaving, or other hurtful things. Two people who love each other are not supposed to act out of fear. None of you should make the other one feel afraid of being left or abandoned.

6. Try to win.

An argument between spouses or partners has no winners because at least theoretically, both are on the same side. You can't win against your teammate, right? So, when there is an issue that needs to be solved, whatever it is, people who love each other look at it as a team and try to solve it together.

7. Bring others into it.

One of the ugliest things you can do in an argument is to bring others into your fight. Your kids, your parents, or your friends have no business there. It doesn't matter what side they're on, who they think was wrong, and what they believe you should do. It's not their responsibility to solve it for you, and it's not fair to anyone to bring people into your arguments.

8. Tell everyone about it.

Some people write about their couple issues on social media, and brag or complain about their arguments to a lot of people. While talking about it with a close friend is healthy, washing your dirty laundry in public is distasteful and not at all a sign of true love.

9. Physically hurt each other.

Someone who really loves you will never hurt you, no matter what. A person who hits another person is an abuser, and that relationship has got nothing to do with love. No, not even if they say you pushed them to do it, or that it's your fault. Where there is love, there's no room for violence. EVER.

10. Cheat.

Whatever you're arguing about, cheating on your partner won't solve it. No matter how angry you are, if you love them, you won't even think about cheating. If you're really in love, you will sit down, talk about it, solve your issue, then celebrate.

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