11-Year-Old Girl Gets Mensa IQ Score Higher Than Einstein's And Hawking's

An Iranian 11-Year-Old girl made headlines in the UK for scoring the highest number possible in the Mensa IQ test, surpassing both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Tara Sharifi is an 11-year-old student at Aylesbury High School in Buckinghamshire. She recently took the Mensa IQ test and surprised everyone when she got the results, as she managed to score the highest number possible.

Sharifi's score was 162 points, 2 points higher than Einstein's or Hawking's, and well above the "genius benchmark" of 140 points.

The young genius says she was shocked when she got the results. With such an impressive score, Sharifi now qualifies to be part of the High IQ Society as an elite Mensa member. The 11-year-old is very excited about meeting other people in the Mensa system, including US writer Joyce Carol Oates, or actress Geena Davis.

In the future, Sharifi wants to pursue a subject related to the field of mathematics. Her father says that whenever the family watches TV quiz shows, she always solves. the math questions before the contestants do. "I knew she was very clever, but I did not think she would have such a high IQ," her father said.

Everyone was impressed with her results, including her family and her friends at school. People are now speculating that her high score might be a sign Sharify could follow the footsteps of Maryam Mirzakhani, the late Fields Medal-winning mathematician.

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