15 Rules All Parents Should Read

If you're a parent, you might want to read these rules for raising kids.

1. Never lie to your kids. They are smarter than you think and need truth more than protection.

2. Tell them how much you love them, and do it every day.

3. Hug and kiss them all the time. If they never receive physical affection, they won't know how to give it or handle it, later in life.

4. Let them get hurt. Pain is the best teacher. They will only touch a hot stove once.

5. Let them solve their own fights. When they run to you to solve the issue stand back and let them deal with it themselves.

6. Teach them about money, cash flow, business, and economics. School won't.

7. Get them a pet.

8. Teach them how to survive in the wild. Teach them to hunt, fish, build a shelter, start a fire, grow food, and find clean water.

9. Teach them manners, and do it by example. If you have no manners, neither will they. Always say please, thank you, and be polite, even just around the house.

10. Never hide your feelings from them. Let them see you cry, rage, be sad. They need to learn it's ok to express your feelings.

11. Build a real relationship with your kids. Find out what they love and hate, ask them questions, keep their secrets and invest in your relationship with them.

12. Be in their world. If they like video games, play video games with them. If they like sports, play sports with them. Do things they want to do even if it's not something you like.

13. Be there for them. Save a day each month to spend it with just them.

14. Discipline with intention. Discipline them but teach them the lesson after. Always hug and kiss them and tell them you love them after.

15. Let them be kids. This won't last forever, and they've got plenty of time to be responsible adults.

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