20 Heartwarming Pictures Of Kids Who Were Just Adopted

This gallery will melt your heart...

Every day, 1200 children enter foster care in the USA, according to Together We Rise. To fight this, they gather volunteers to both help the kids in foster care and encourage families to adopt. A few years ago, they started this campaign posting pictures of newly adopted kids, and the response was tremendous.

"We've had thousands of people reach out to us and either say they are considering being a foster parent or adopting because of the photos," TWR told Bored Panda. "Every day we have people reaching out to us wanting to learn more about the adoption process or what they can do to help. We even inspired thousands of professional photographers who wanted to donate their services to families adopting. With an overwhelming amount of inquiries, we posted an application for any interested photographers and on the first day we had over 5000 professionals sign up."

Check out the heartwarming gallery below!

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