5 Logic Riddles For The Brightest Minds

They are pretty difficult!

These logic riddles make a great work-out for your brain. Put your mind to work with these brain-sweating puzzles that will improve your logical skills will speed up your thinking. Solving puzzles, riddles, and trivia every day is great for your brain!

~Riddle 1~

How did he know someone had been there?

Ronny kept something important in one of the rooms in his house. No one was allowed to enter that room and every time he left, he closed the room with a key and hid the key in his office. One day, he was in a hurry to an important business meeting and forgot the key in the keyhole. His maid noticed it immediately and she was desperate to know what he was hiding. But as soon as she opened the door, she heard him coming back. She closed back the door and ran away, but when Ronny arrived at the door, he immediately knew someone had been there. How did he know?

~Riddle 2~

How can they split the cookies equally?

A maniac arrived in Largeville and kidnapped 6 boys. He took them to the basement of an abandoned house and held them captive for about three days. The poor boys were starving. One of them recalled he had some cookies in his pocket, but he only had 5. How can 6 boys divide 5 cookies equally?

~Riddle 3~

Guess the food by the emojis!

The video will show you a set of picture puzzles, and you'll have to guess the food. Let's see if you can answer them all correctly.

~Riddle 4~

How much time will the train need to go through the tunnel?

Molly was going to New York by train. She was sharing the compartment with a strange man in black. Suddenly, he locked the door and put a knife to her throat. He whispered in her ear: Listen carefully. We're approaching a tunnel, and I have a riddle about it. If you solve it right, I'll set you free. Our Train is 300 feet long and it's going 300 ft per minute. The tunnel is 300 feet long. How long will it take the train to go through the tunnel?

~Riddle 5~

Who is the killer?

Take a close look at the two men and analyze all the details. If you spot the clue, you'll immediately know who the killer was. Let's see how good of a detective you are! Good luck!

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