9 Tips To Help You Eliminate The Nicotine From Your Body

Smoking is the number one cause of cancer in the world, so if you're a smoker, it may be time to quit. Here's how you can eliminate the nicotine from your body.

1. Quit smoking cold turkey.

Forget about step-by-step strategies, because they never work. Quit smoking suddenly, and keep in mind that you will crave it, but it won't take long. You'll only feel the need to smoke for 3-4 days because that's what it takes for the nicotine to leave your body. They won't be the best days of your life, because you may be dealing with anxiety, moodiness, and insomnia, but after that, you'll feel much better.

2. Drink a lot of water.

By drinking plenty of water, you'll boost your metabolism and speed up the process of eliminating the nicotine from your bloodstream. So drink at least 2 liters of water every day and the cravings will stop even sooner.

3. Exercise.

If you're not really a sports person, start easily, with a 30-minute walk or a light jog in the park every morning. Exercising helps boost your metabolism and improves your lungs' health, helping you to flush out the nicotine from your body.

4. Do some breathing exercises.

Whenever you feel the need to smoke, close your eyes and your mouth and inhale slowly through your nose, focusing on your stomach rising, then exhale slowly. Repeat this exercise for 4-5 minutes and the craving will pass.

5. Stay away from alcohol, coffee, and sugar.

Alcohol, coffee, and sugar - especially sugary drinks - will make the cravings even worse. Only drink water, freshly squeezed juice and calming teas, that won't increase your anxiety and nervosity.

6. Stay away from smokers - for a while.

In the first 3-4 weeks, spend more time with non-smoking people. This way, you won't be tempted to light a cigarette when you're out with your friends. It only takes one smoke to start again and after all this trouble, it won't be worth it.

7. Watch what you eat.

Smoking causes many vitamin deficiencies and quitting it, while good for your health, makes temporary uncomfortable changes to your body. You may notice digestive issues, as stomach aches, bloating, or intestinal problems. These aren't caused by any disorders, but by the changes you've made - for example, if you were used to smoking right after eating, or while drinking your coffee in the morning, you may notice some digestive issues. They will pass in a few days, but you can help your body by eating foods that are rich in fibers - like whole grains, beans, berries, and quinoa - which will improve the digestive process.

8. Take plenty of vitamins

Smokers often lose Vitamin E and Vitamin A, but these can be reversed by eating foods that are rich in nutrients. You can get Vit. E from eggs or whole grains and Vit. A from dairy products, eggs, and milk. Fruits and veggies should also be part of your diet because you'll need Vitamin C to boost your metabolism and eliminate the nicotine fast from your body.

9. Don't let your guard down.

After a while, the cravings will stop and you'll be very comfortable not smoking. Some people even experience nausea when they smell cigarettes. But at some point, you may feel like smoking a cigarette again. It usually happens while drinking, or while socializing with other smokers. When this happens, and it will, stay strong and remember how hard it was to quit. Hopefully, it will keep you from starting again.

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