A peek into the future

You must have heard by now of VR – virtual reality and AR – augmented reality apps. The popular game “Pokémon Go”, for instance, is probably the most famous AR app in the world. What you might haven’t seen yet is what Magic Leap is now working on: MR – mixed reality.


This new technology uses an innovative headset, as does the VR, and it involves viewing the real-world environment, as the AR. What’s different from the two technologies is the fact that mixed reality objects are aware of their surroundings. Imagine a Pokémon hiding behind your furniture, or a human shaped assistant that goes in and out your office while personally delivering your messages. It sounds pretty impressive, right? Well this is what Magic Leap has been working on.



Started in 2011, the company founded by Rony Abovitz has been operating in secrecy until recently when it became public. Until now, it raised over $1.4 billion, including $794 million only this year. The list of investors includes Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, Google, JPMorgan, Fidelity and Alibaba, as well as more unusual sources as Warner Bros. or Legendary Entertainment. And we’re not surprised at all, since Magic Leap’s product is amazing.



Take a peek at the future and learn more about Magic Leap’s innovation in the following videos.

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