Be Strong Enough To Leave The Past Behind

Some things belong in the past...

Be strong enough to free yourself from the past.

We all have a past. You've lived through happy and tough times, you've experienced both great and hard moments, you've made memories you will cherish forever, and you've been through situations that broke your heart.

It's time to store the happy memories in a special drawer in your heart, and take them out whenever you need a bit of positivity. It's also time to take the lesson from the hard times, store them in a special drawer in your mind, and take them out whenever you need to make a life decision. There's no need to carry around the pain and suffering any longer. You have to stop making yourself miserable by constantly asking yourself "what if ... ?"

There's no point in digging up the past. Maybe it's been far from perfect, but your past brought you where you are today. Be strong enough to forgive those who've wronged you. Be even stronger to forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made. Learn your lesson and move on. Free yourself of your past, so you can embrace the present and fully enjoy your future.

Accept the things you can't change.

All your past experiences have brought you here. It may not be what you've planned. Things might not look as great as you'd expected. The question is: Can you change them? If the answer is YES, then make the change you need so you can be happy. If the answer is NO, then find the strength to accept your present as it is.

You can't be happy unless you find your peace. And you won't find your peace stressing about the things you can't change. It may be frustrating. It may not be your fault. Even if it were your fault, you can't turn back time. It is what it is. If you can't change it, embrace it.

Focus on what will be.

Everything happens for a reason. All the decisions, mistakes,  and steps in your life have brought you here. Just like each step you take from now on will take you to your future. What that future will look like is influenced by an infinite of aspects. There are countless possibilities and different versions of your future.

Use the lessons you've learned to make that future as great as you've imagined it. Keep your eyes on your destination, but enjoy the ride, too. Make the most of each experience, as there are still many mistakes to be made, and countless lessons to be learned. Just as there are still many happy moments to be enjoyed. And it would be such a pity to miss them while stressing about what's happened in the past.

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