Being Single Is Better Than Being With The Wrong Person

Instead of wasting time and energy being in an unhealthy relationship, it's better to wait for the right person.

An unhealthy relationship means a lot of wasted time and energy.

Many people stay in unhealthy relationships because they can't stand being alone. It's understandable, as loneliness is an awful feeling, but the energy you invest in an unhealthy relationship will eventually be wasted. Moreover, a relationship with the 'wrong' person requires a lot more effort than being with someone who is the right fit. It involves many arguments, tears, and energy you could be investing in someone who's actually worth it - yourself, for example.

Every day you spend with the 'wrong' person is a day you could be spending with the right one.

If a serious relationship is what you need, you should be focusing on finding someone who is right for you. Don't settle for the first person who'll take you, and keep searching until you find the one who is right for your soul. They may pass you by, right when you're fighting with your partner about a text they've sent to their 'just a coworker'. We're not saying you won't meet your right one eventually, but sooner is better than later, right?

There is 'a right person' for each of us.

If we're to analyze our past, as well as our friends' relationships, we can all see that there are people who are great individuals, but who just don't fit with each other. We are unique people, each with our own wishes, dreams, and needs. Two people can be both great, but if they have different needs and wishes, their relationship will be a disaster. You need to find someone who is not only great but great for you. Don't lose hope, the Universe will make you two meet. Until then, focus on someone who you already know is great: yourself.

Being single means having a lot of time you can invest in yourself.

You are, after all, the most important person in your life. When in a relationship, it's not that easy to make time for yourself. Your hobbies and passions no longer come first after you get into a serious commitment. You can no longer watch whatever movies you want, as you've got to choose something you both like. If you and your partner don't share the same hobbies, you'll clearly spend less time on your passions. So why not take advantage of the time you have on your hands and do whatever you like? Take dance lessons, go to the spa, go skiing, whatever your hobby is, do that. And who knows, maybe while you're out there doing what you love, you may meet someone who shares the same passions as you.

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