Celebrate Love Every Day Of The Year

Not just on Valentine's Day...

Love is our most precious treasure.

If you are blessed to be in a happy relationship, treasure it not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. Wealth, career, possessions mean nothing if we haven't got love. We think we can all agree that we'd give them all away in a heartbeat for our loved ones.

Valentine's Day is that day of the year we celebrate love.

It's that time of the year when everyone's proclaiming their love for their dear ones on Valentine's Day. It's such a beautiful celebration! Especially if you are blessed to be in a relationship that's worth celebrating. However, even though we love Valentine's Day, we believe that love should be celebrated every day of the year. Romantic dinners, beautiful gifts, and grand gestures can be saved for Valentine's Day, but saying I love you and cherishing each other should happen every day.

Celebrating LOVE every day is not about presents and grand gestures.

An intimate dinner, a romantic date, a grand gesture, or a thoughtful gift are all beautiful things to do on Valentine's Day. But you can celebrate your love on any other day, too, with meaningful gestures that take less effort, but can make a huge difference!

Celebrate love by saying 'I love you'.

Even though your partner knows it, even if you've proven your love many times, for many years, it's still good to hear it. You don't have to say it a thousand times per day, but at least once... When you part ways in the morning, or before you go to bed, remind your partner that your love for them is still there, growing every day. They know it, but it feels good to receive a daily reminder that they're loved and cherished. And remember to show it, too.

You don't need grand gestures to show your love.

There are so many tiny gestures that say 'I love you'. Holding their hand, covering them up while they're sleeping, or taking care of the chores, so they can watch the game. Getting your wife flowers every day is nice, but so is taking the kids to a movie, so she can rest. Buying your husband a cool gadget is sweet, but so is waking him up with breakfast in bed. Packing them lunch, doing one of their chores, talking them up to their friends, watching their favorite movie for a change, or asking about their day... are all small gestures you can make every day to show your love.

Show your love by being kind and speaking only sweet words.

A romantic gesture means nothing if the rest of the time is filled with insults, arguments, selfishness, lies, and disrespect. Even if you argue, don't insult and hurt their feelings on purpose. Be fair, apologize for your mistakes, don't cheat or lie. Even if you don't agree on something, express your opinions calmly, using sweet and kind words. And don't go to bed mad, ever. Be kind and generous to everyone, but especially to the person you love. Always try seeing things from their perspective as well, and treat them the same way you expect to be treated yourself. Be a real team and support your partner when they need it. After all, this is what love is about, not just expensive gifts and grand gestures.

Celebrate love every day, but on Valentine's Day, too.

Even though you celebrate your love every day, make an effort on Valentine's Day. Everyone's busy, and as time passes, you find it harder and harder to make time for romantic dates, especially when you have kids. But make this effort and plan a special date for just the two of you, to enjoy just each other. Do it as often as you can, to keep the sparkle alive.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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