Coronavirus Symptoms: Is It COVID-19 Or Just A Cold?

Here are the differences.

Ever since this crisis started, people have been reacting differently. Some who had symptoms thought 'Nah, it's just a cold', end they turned out to be infected. Others thought 'I'm infected!' and went to the hospital, even though they only had a mild cough. We hear about people having mild, or even no symptoms, so any time we sneeze we think 'Uh-oh! Call 9-1-1'. So here are a couple of graphs with the COVID symptoms, compared to the flu and the common cold.

The COVID-19 symptoms appear suddenly. So, if you sneeze a little today, have a runny nose tomorrow, a headache after 3 days, and a low fever after another couple of days, you're probably dealing with the common cold. COVID develops suddenly, or as some victims have put it, 'it's like you've suddenly been hit by a train'. You're feeling perfectly fine now, and 7 hours later you're seriously ill, have a very high fever, and you can't seem to catch your breath.

Some patients have experienced vomiting and diarrhea, and a recent study has shown that a growing percentage of the people infected with coronavirus have experienced the loss of taste and/or smell. While this virus can act differently from a person to another, the most common symptom is the high fever.

If you're worried you may be infected, call your doctor and always follow the instructions given by authorities.

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