Dog Went On Solo Bus Ride For An Hour Before Anyone Noticed

This puppy needed an adventure, so he took the bus.

Sometimes you're so tired of the everyday routine, you feel like hopping on the first bus and go wherever it may take you. It happened to Alfie, one adorable Amstaff from Darlington, UK, who needed some time to just sit back, relax, and clear his mind. 

The dog was in the mood for a rather unconventional walk, we suppose. After wandering away from his owner, Alfie hopped on a bus and took a seat, near a woman. Naturally, everyone assumed it was hers, so nobody noticed he was in fact, on its own. The driver had seen the dog following a man on the bus, so he assumed it was his. Nobody really wondered who the dog belonged to, until almost everyone got off the bus, leaving Alfie behind.

One passenger said:

'Everyone else got off the bus and the dog was left. Me and my boyfriend were upstairs and the dog was downstairs. I thought the dog looked cute just sat there by himself.

The dog had followed a man on to the bus and the driver assumed it was his. The driver told us we couldn't go anywhere until it was sorted. He seemed stressed because he needed to carry on driving but he wanted to help.

The dog kept sitting on my knee while I was stroking him so I don't think he was too scared.'

When they realized the dog was on its own, the driver tried calling a few vets, but they were all closed at that time. Luckily, the passengers managed to contact Alfie's owner and reunited them.

A spokesperson for the bus company said:

'We get some unusual passengers on our buses from time to time, but this dog was paw-fectly well-behaved. Our new furry friend joined us at the Darlington travel shop while the driver finished his shift.

Thankfully, dog and owner have been reunited and we'll look forward to seeing them both on our services in the future.'

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