Don't Expect Anything From Others

People will disappoint you...

How you see others is a reflection of yourself.

Our perception of the whole world is a projection of how you see yourself. Negative people always see flaws - the bad side - of others. A bad person always expects others to be bad, a cheater assumes everyone else cheats, too, and a liar is the last to believe anything they hear. Likewise, a good person sees everyone as good as them and expects everyone to be as kind as generous as them. We are often disappointed when people act differently than we expect them to, but the truth is, we are not the same. When you are a good, reliable, trustworthy friend, you expect your friends to treat you the same. But sadly, this isn't always true.

Don't expect anything from others.

People will always surprise you. Don't expect your friend to keep a secret, just because you've done the same for them. You being there for others doesn't always mean they'll be there for you. Any expectation you have from others can lead to you being disappointed. We're not saying you should be paranoid, but rather careful, as the worse disappointment usually comes from the people you least expect it from. Why? Because when you know someone's likely to let you down, your expectations are lower. You don't trust them, so you don't count on them. Even if you do, and they disappoint you, there's no surprise, as you'd expected it. But when you trust someone and expect them to act the same way you would, you set high expectations, and you're more likely to get hurt.

Set lower expectations and you'll always be pleasantly surprised.

Remember this: The only person you can count on is yourself. Don't expect ANYONE to be there for you when you need them. If they will, you'll have a pleasant surprise. If not, it will be just as expected. You won't be disappointed, but you've got a good chance to be amazed. This isn't true just for people, but for all the aspects of your life. We expect too much from each experience, and when it's over, we don't feel satisfied. Set lower expectations and you'll be a lot happier, as everything will be better than you assume.

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