Dye your Easter eggs using... whipped cream! Find out here how.

This year's Easter it's time to try something different. Find out here how you can dye the eggs using whipped cream and food coloring. It's really easy!

The ingredients you need are:

1. Eggs

2. Cool whip

3. Food coloring

4. Vinegar (Optional)



- Boil the eggs you want to dye and let the cool

- By using vinegar, you'll get brighter colors. If not, your eggs will get a more pastel color, so it depends on the result you want to get. If you want your eggs to have brighter colors, soak them in vinegar for 2 minutes. 

- Spread the whipped cream about an inch thick in a large baking sheet or platter. 

- Drop dots of food coloring all over the whipped cream

- With a spoon, gently swirl the colors, without mixing the colors too much. 

- Carefully place the eggs on the platter and roll them in the whipped cream until they are fully covered.

- Let them cool in your fridge for a half an hour, then rinse, dry them off and admire your artwork. 




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