Even This Orangutan Started Washing Her Hands

This orangutan started washing her hands after seeing the caretakers doing it.

Experts, authorities, doctors keep telling us to constantly wash our hands. Even so, there are humans who can't seem to learn. Unlike this very clever monkey!

Meet Sandra, an orangutan born on February 14, 1986, at the Rostock Zoologischer Garten in Germany. Along with a young male named Max, she was sent to Buenos Aires in 1994, where she spent her early years among other orangutans. She also spent a few years at the Cordoba Zoo, before returning to Buenos Aires in 2008 where she lived alone until 2019 when she was moved to the U.S. Since November 2019, Sandra has been living at the Center for Great Apes in Florida. Here, she gets to meet other orangutans and has permanent sanctuary care.

If a monkey can do it, you can, too! #washyourhands

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