Family Adopts A Dog And Three Years Later They Realize It Is A Bear

How could this happen, you wonder? Read the story below.

Unreal as it may seem, a Chinese family raised a black bear cub for three years, believing it was Tibetan mastiff. While they were on vacation in 2016, they adopted what they thought was a puppy and took it into their home.

It took them 3 years to realize they had been raising an endangered Asiatic black bear cub. The owner, Su Mou told the China News Broadcast Service that they started worrying as the animal wouldn't stop growing.

It started eating more and more and ate a lot of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day. He grew to be 3 feet in height and weighed 250 pounds and, unlike dogs, stood on its hind legs. On top of all these aspects, as it grew, the animal started looking more and more like a bear. "The more he developed, the more similar to a bear he looked," said neighbor Sun Yun.

When the owners realized their mistake, they called the authorities for assistance and the bear is now taken care of by the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre. Asiatic black bears are an endangered species in China and retaining it was obviously against the law.

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