Fun Activities For Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine

How to keep kids busy during the quarantine!

1. Basic Gardening Projects

Use seeds from the fruits or vegetables you have at home, or order some online, and teach your kids to plant them, water them, and care for them.

2. Online connections

Keep them connected with their friends through video chatting apps. They can keep in touch with their buddies at school, friends they haven't seen lately, as well as family - This will be good for grandma and grandpa, too!

3. Board games

Take out the good old board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble, whatever you have laying around the house. The fun part is that each game is different, so they can't ever be bored!

4. Get silly with them

Get silly with your kids, and you'll create some memories they will never forget. Build a fort, play the floor is lava, or hide and seek. Have fun with your kids, turn the house upside down, and make this experience fun!

5. Get them to keep a diary

You can do this, too. Ask your kids to write or draw every day's experience, what's going on around the house, to document their time in quarantine. This is a good way for them to express their feelings.

6. Get them to help in the kitchen

Now's a good time to teach them some cooking bascis. Bake together, ask them to find recipes that include ingredients in your fridge, or make a pizza. Ask them to help, and make it fun!

7. Give them challenges

Give them a set of challenges every day, and reward them for each completed 'task'. Insert some chores here and there, some physical exercises, and some really funny tasks, to keep them entertained.

8. Exercise together

Kids need to consume their energy, and without being able to the park, or to practice sports, it can be pretty hard. Start each day with a daily workout routine you can do together, with the whole family.

9. Reading

Start a family book club. Read to them, or together, discuss the books, ask questions, express and debate opinions. Let them choose the books they want to read or find some that will keep them entertained.

10. Try origami

You sure must have some paper laying around the house, so get them to make some origami. Start with something easy, then increase difficulty every day.

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