Give Your Love To Someone Who Chooses You

To be happy, give your love to people who choose you.

Loving someone who doesn't choose you will eventually break your heart.

Love should be beautiful, but when it comes to toxic people, it's mostly tears and frustration. When you love someone for whom you're never a priority, you waste a lot of energy and get nothing in return. This doesn't only apply to romantic relationships, but friendship, too.

We all have or have had someone toxic in our lives. That person who takes and takes, without ever giving back. While for you they always come first, for them, you are the second option at the very best. While you'd drop everything for them anytime, they are only available for you when there's nothing else to do. You keep hoping they'll learn to appreciate you, but sadly, they never do. And in the end, you end up in tears, frustrated, wondering if there's something else you could've done. And there is: You should've ended things sooner.

If they don't choose you now, they probably won't choose you in the future, either.

Each day of your life is precious. You don't have much time in this world, and it's such a waste to spend precious energy on someone who doesn't appreciate you. The outcome will eventually be the same: they won't change and you'll end up with a broken heart.

Give your love to those who choose you today and every day.

While you're crying because you've been once again ignored, someone else would happily choose to spend time with you today, tomorrow, and every other day. Choose them. Choose someone who wants to be part of your life, instead of someone who only calls you when they've got nothing better to do. Be someone's priority every day, instead of a second option. Your life is too precious to spend it as someone's 'back-up plan'.

Give your love to those who include you in their future plans.

Someone who sees you as a second option will never include you in their plans. Try to make vacation plans for this summer, they'll say 'we'll see'. Ask them about marriage, and they'll throw a scene. Suggest moving in together and you might not hear from them again for weeks. Sounds familiar? When someone chooses you, they naturally include you in their plans. Someone who chooses you doesn't think about whether you'll still be together. A true friend doesn't think there might be a chance you won't still be friends. However, a person who only sees you a 'back-up plan', knows they might find someone else soon. Don't waste any other second of your time on this person. You deserve better. You deserve to be the chosen one.

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