Guy Who 'Doesn't Want Pets' Surprised His Bride With The Cutest Gift

The best wedding present ever!

Kaylee Schmidt and her fiancé Orion Metheny had been happily dating for five years. Their relationship was great and they decided to get married, but there was just one tiny detail they couldn't agree on: Orion didn't want any pets.

Kaylee, on the other hand, had grown up with cats and was anxious about leaving her family's home, as she'd leave behind her family cat Nala.

However, her fiance had a plan. "He knew I was sad to be leaving Nala", Kaylee told The Dodo. "I've talked about wanting a cat once we got married. He knew how much joy a cat would bring me, plus make the transition easier. So the wedding day seemed like a perfect opportunity."

When Orion found out about an abandoned kitten wandering around their neighborhood, he knew it was meant to be. He decided to adopt the cat, later named Chloe, and surprise his future wife on their wedding day. He told the photographer, Megan O'Dell, who got very excited to help him with his plan.

On the wedding day, O'Dell got the couple ready for their "first look" photos, where they would see each other all dressed up right before their ceremony. As the bride waited, O'Dell told her that Orion had a surprise for her.

"I have to admit that part of me was hopeful for an animal, but didn't think it would actually happen," Kaylee said. "Orion had seemed pretty apprehensive about getting a cat when we had talked about it in the past. Plus, while I was turned around still, I couldn't hear any animals making noises so I thought the surprise must be something else."

But when she turned around...

There was her future husband, holding Chloe.

"I think the first thing I said was, 'Shut up!' - I was totally shocked and couldn't believe he had a kitten with him," she said. "Then I got emotional when it processed that this was our kitten to keep!"

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