Hate Is Something We Learn

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As kids, we don't know what hate is.

As children, we know nothing about hate. We don't hate anyone. We hate naps and veggies, but not people. Why would we? We play with all the kids, and we don't see any differences regarding religion, race, gender, nationality, financial status, and so on. Even if we do, if any, it's interesting, not a reason to hate. When does this change? When do some people learn to hate? And, most importantly, why?

We are what we are fed.

As children, the luckiest of us receive the love of our parents. We don't have any negative feelings like hate, because we're fed peace, positive energy, love, and appreciation. But not all of us are as blessed. Many grow up in abusive families, are fed hate and negativity, and while some still turn out to be great people, others become bullies, hateful, and abusers themselves. But the love of our families isn't all it takes. As we grow up, we go to school, where we make friends and start being part of an entourage. We watch tv, we read books, we read the news that are or aren't objective, we meet people, have role-models, and everything and everyone influences the way we are shaped.

Many psychologists have studied hate. Who teaches us to hate? Is it our parents? Is it our teachers? Is it our friends? Or is it life in general? It depends. Some people are just raised to hate, within their families. Some learn it from their peers. Some gather a lot of anger due to their experiences, daily struggles, and life difficulties, and channel it in the wrong direction. And some are so misinformed and uneducated, they fill the lack of knowledge with hate towards the cultures and people they don't understand.

We never stop learning.

Being born into a family that hates others is not your fault. Being abused and turned into a bully is not your fault. But while it may be other people's fault for teaching you to hate, staying hateful is on you. The same way you learn how to hate, you can unlearn it. And learn to be loving, tolerant, understanding, and accepting instead. There are many things in life we don't get to choose. Who our parents are. The color of our skin. Where we are born and raised. But we get to choose who we are. And who we are isn't our parents, color of skin, religion, place of birth, or the culture we've been raised into. What defines us is whether we are kind and loving, or evil people who spend their whole lives hating others.

When we're kids, adults are responsible for our education. But after we grow up, learning, shaping, and educating ourselves, is our responsibility. We never stop learning, so even if we've learned to hate, let's unlearn it, and teach ourselves to love instead. Instead of being afraid of the people or cultures we don't understand, let's educate ourselves and get to know them. Instead of hating, let's help. Instead of putting others down, let's lift them up. Instead of being hateful, angry, resentful, let's be better people and raise the following generations to be more loving, tolerant, accepting, understanding, and peaceful. If we don't, this world will never be a better place.

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