How Good Of A Detective Are You?

Test your logical skills!

Solving riddles and puzzles every day is like a daily work-out for your brain. It keeps your mind trained, focused, and in good shape. After a certain age, we lose out focus, our minds are not as sharp, our memories fade and we are more likely to develop conditions like Alzheimer's disease or Dementia. This is why it is very important to keep our minds trained and sharp at all times!

Kimberly is gone missing and you must find her by solving five puzzles! Watch the video below to see the fun riddles and the correct answers!

A pop group is going to a big concert in another country and it's traveling by train. Everything's going great when suddenly the lights go out, and a member of the group is missing. Someone has kidnapped Kimberly, and you need to help them find her!

~Riddle 1~

You analyze the scene and discover some clues. You question the witnesses and have to figure out who is lying. Good luck!

~Riddle 2~

After you find out who was lying, you receive some information about where Kimberly could be. You have to go there, but the door is hacked and you need to crack a code. You must pay attention and figure it out before the time runs out!

~Riddle 3~

You enter the restaurant car, where your witness said Kimberly would be. You approach the bar, where a man buys a few cocktails and pays the bartender 3 banknotes, but two of them are fake. Which ones are fake?

~Riddle 4~

The bartender gives you another clue on Kimberly's disappearance. He tells you about a man wearing a mustache, a hat, a cloak, and glasses, pulling Kimberly. You need to follow the clues to identify the kidnapper.

~Riddle 5~

After you identify the kidnapper, he refuses to tell you where she is, so you must follow the clues to find her. You find out where she is, but you must crack a code to let her out. She gives you some indications, and you must use your logical thinking to free Kimberly. Let's see if you can crack the code!

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