How To Stop Overthinking Everything

Overthinking can lead to serious emotional distress...

Are you overthinking everything?

Overthinkers are people who spend too much time trying to make a decision, who stress too much about each situation, become anxious about every little detail, and over-analyze each conversation.

An overthinker has a hard time deciding, whether it's what to cook for dinner or what career to follow. In each situation or conversation, they analyze every detail, searching for hidden meanings in what people say or do. When they have a symptom, they spend a lot of time looking it up on the internet and end up concluding they've got a serious illness.

To sum it up, they worry a lot. About EVERYTHING.

Overthinking is exhausting and seriously harming.

An overthinker can't rest, because they're always worrying. They have trouble sleeping, because they're running scenarios in their minds, trying to find hidden meanings in the things other people did or said. They go over each event over and over again, and ruminate on every tiny detail, asking themselves "Why did this happen? What does this mean?". The biggest issue is they don't get any clear answers, which only leads to more worries and unhealthy thoughts. They don't get to solve a problem and end up creating some more issues instead. This is an unhealthy habit, which can cause anxiety and depression. It is exhausting, destructive and mentally draining.

Why are we overthinking? This habit is associated with uncertainty. You worry about something that happened in the past and spend a lot of time going over and over an event in your mind, trying to make sense of it. Could I have done things differently? What if I acted this way? Or this other way?

You also worry about the future and try to solve problems in your mind, developing different scenarios and imagining various outcomes. You try to protect yourself and prepare for whatever happens, but in reality, you're doing more harm than good. You're consuming a lot of energy, become anxious, lose your focus, and become frustrated. As a result, you'll have trouble actually making the right decision, as you're spending more time worrying, than seeing what is really going on and doing something about it. You create problems that didn't exist, avoid doing some activities out of fear, and doubt everything and everyone, including yourself.

By overthinking, you're trying to get in control of an uncertain situation. But the truth is, you can't control everything. The future, or what's happened in the past are beyond your control. A disease may or may not happen, whether you're stressing about it or not. Failure, disappointment, or betrayal can happen, too, and you can't avoid them by worrying. The only thing you can control is your mind.

How to stop overthinking

For starters, accept that you can't control the future or the past. What's done is done, it is in the past, so put it behind you. No one can tell you what's going to come next, because no one knows. Something terrible might happen, but something good can happen, too. Until then, focus on today. Stay positive and hope for the best. Expect good things to come, be optimistic, and cherish the present moment.

Focus on your inner peace and on the things you CAN control. Don't allow yourself to worry too much. Keep yourself busy with activities that make you happy and bring you peace. You can't control the world or the future, but you can make an impact by being kind, generous and good at what you do. So, focus on always improving yourself and helping others around you. Focus on being happy, and enjoy all the moments, without always trying to predict and control them. You can't.

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