Influencers Got Sick After Taking Insta Pics Near A 'Lake' That Is Actually A Toxic Waste Dump

Oh, the things people do for popularity! Some influencers found a "gorgeous blue lake" somewhere in Spain, took some great Instagram shots and got seriously ill. As it turns out, it was actually a toxic waste dump.

The 'lake' looks really beautiful, indeed. The only issue here is that its amazing colors are the result of chemical contamination, as this is, in reality, a disused tungsten mine.

The toxic lake is located in Galicia, northern Spain and it is part of an abandoned quarry that functioned from 1975 to 1980, being connected to a tungsten mine.

For some Instagrammers, taking pictures from the distance was not enough. They entered the toxic water and ended up in the hospital with skin rashes and stomach problems.

One person who suffered an allergic reaction for two weeks told a local newspaper that things were "a little bad, but the photo was worth it."

However, the fault is not all theirs, as it seems that this area was promoted as an idyllic landscape in an advert for tourism in the region. Ramón Varela, environmental journalist and spokesperson for Salvemos Cabana, an association for the protection of natural and cultural heritage in the area, told Euronews that "This is a mining landscape, which is devastated and unrestored but Galicia used it to promote tourism in the region as if it were an idyllic landscape".

According to Varela, it's not just the water that's dangerous, but also the surroundings. There is an area of mud where you could get trapped, there could be falls, and serious accidents might happen. Salvemos Cabana is now lobbying for limiting the access to the area and for displaying clearer warnings of the dangers of this place.

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