Kitten Gets Hired After People Complained About Him Roaming Around Law Firm

After receiving several complaints about this stray kitten roaming in their reception area, this law firm decided to hire him.

Leon used to be a stray cat living with no worries, hanging out on the streets, like any other ordinary stray cat. One day, he walked into the building hosting the offices of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil and that's when Leon's life changed.

People started to complain about the stray cat hanging around the reception area, so OAB took measures. They hired him.

Dr. Jeanette Laredo wrote on facebook:

"After a heavy rain, this little guy here seeking shelter from the storm went inside the OAB building (the Brazilian equivalent of ABA, American Bar Association) and decided to stay.

Unfortunately, some people started to file some complaints about the fact that at the reception desk there was a stray cat hanging around and trying to make friends with the newcomers.

In order to avoid some new complaints, the board gave the solution: Hire the cat as an employee."

In the beginning, he was hired to welcome people into the building, but Leon was quickly promoted and is now a lawyer. Dr. Leon is a very busy cat, with his job and his Instagram account, where he's got more than 50,000 followers.

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