Mom Shares Shocking Photos Of Heroin And Meth Addict Son Just Seven Months Apart

This woman shared 2 pictures of her son, before and after he became addicted to heroin and meth.

"The face of heroin and meth... is reality for so many people and families in this world today," she wrote, and sadly, this statement is so true.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy had not heard from her son in weeks when she posted the harrowing pictures on social media. She shared the photos with the world, to show the huge effect drugs had on his appearance after just seven months.

In her post, the woman writes that her son has been homeless and hasn't contacted his family in weeks. "I am hesitant on sharing but many people ask how things are going so I feel I should share," she wrote. The mothers posted two photos, one in which Cody looks healthy and smiling, near a Christmas tree. In the second one, you can't even tell it is the same person. He looks drained of all life, he is a lot skinnier and his skin is covered in bumps and grazes.

The face of heroin and meth... is reality for so many people and families in this world today.

For my family and friends who know me know that my oldest son Cody Bishop is suffering from his addiction. I have learned along this path that so many people and families deal with the same heartache but just do not talk about it.

This is a true issue in our world today that we need to pull together and focus on to fix instead of the government worrying about and spending all their money on throwing each other under the bus.

The unknown is what makes a person not sleep at night. It is hard to understand how someone who has families and children who love and need them live the life they do.

I have turned it over to God and pray that he decides he is tired of living like this and wants to come home to get help.

Through social media, I have come along so many great people that have crossed his path over time through his past rehab. They have a great support team with each other that is amazing and I appreciate those who have reached out trying to help.

Her post was shared over 69,000 times, and recently, Jennifer posted an update. Her son was found and is now receiving treatment. Many kind people have offered their help and support, and hopefully, Cody will find the strength to fight this. We wish them all the best!

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