Single Dad Adopts Baby Girl With Down Syndrome After She Was Rejected By 20 Families

This man wanted to become a father, so he adopted Alba, who had been rejected by 20 families.

Baby Alba was born with Down Syndrome, and her mother gave her up for adoption. By the time she was just 13 days old, she had already been rejected by 20 families. Luckily, Luca Trapanese from Italy didn't care about her condition. All he wanted was to give her a happy life, so he adopted her.

Since he was 14, Luca has volunteered for organizations focusing on helping differently-abled children. All his life he dreamed about becoming a father, but since he was a single parent, it was very difficult for him to apply for adoption. Finally, he was permitted to adopt in 2017, but only under one condition. He could only adopt a baby with special needs who had been rejected by other families.

With years of experience with such children, he knew he was the right person for it. "Since I was 14 years old, I have volunteered and worked with the disabled so I felt I had the right knowledge and experience to do it," said Luca.

In July 2017, he got a call informing him about a baby girl. He heard her story, immediately said yes, and rushed to the hospital to find her. "When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away," the single dad told BBC. "It was the first time I held a newborn baby. Before that moment, I have always been scared. But, when I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad," he added.

Being a single father is no easy job, but Luca couldn't be happier. His life now is all about his daughter. He says Alba "revolutionized his life and everything revolves around her. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad."

For him, she was never a second choice or the last option.

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