Sometimes You Just Need To Hear That You Are Loved

Saying 'I love you' matters as much as showing it. Here's why.

Hearing that we are loved is important for all of us.

Surely, the words alone mean nothing if they are not accompanied by actions, but showing someone you love them is just as important as saying it.

Hearing 'I love you', 'You mean a lot to me', or 'I'm grateful to have you by side' makes us happy. We need to hear it. This doesn't make us weak, it makes us human. We are emotional and social creatures and the connections we have with those around us are very important for our development and well being. A strong, long-lasting bond can't be built without the expression of feelings, supported by corresponding actions, of course.

Saying the words isn't just important for those hearing them, but for those expressing them, too. We often hide our feelings, out of fear of being rejected, or of seeming weak. Holding back can lead to doubts and fear, causing any relationship to break, whether it's a romantic one or a friendship.

We're not saying you should begin and end each conversation with 'I love you, you're my world', but from time to time, you can make both yours and your partner's day by saying a few sweet words.

Expressing your appreciation for someone will bring them satisfaction and happiness, strengthening the bond you share. Hearing the words increases trust and self-confidence, encouraging us to open up. And no relationship can ever grow unless we feel comfortable enough to be ourselves around our partners.

Hearing the words is also important for the child's development.

Nothing matters more for a child's confidence than having parents who constantly show and express their love for them. You're not raising strong kids by being emotionally cold. They'll grow up to be insecure, anxious, and unconfident. For some, the lack of affection during childhood can lead to all kinds of behavioral and cognitive disorders they'll have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Sure, discipline is important, but if you're going to 'punish' your child for something they did, make sure you let them know you're doing it out of love.

Distant parents don't raise strong kids, but children who will grow up not knowing to express their feelings. These kids are the ones who bully others, who have a hard time communicating, connecting and making friends. And unlike other creatures on Earth, humans need relationships to survive. The key to any relationship is communication, and expressing your love is as important as communicating the things you hate. However, for some reason, many people find it easier to tell their partners what they hate about them, then say 'I love you, you're my world'.

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