Spending Time With Grandma And Grandpa Is Great For Children

The benefits go both ways!

A good relationship between children and their grandparents has benefits for everyone: it keeps the grandparents active, happier, and healthier; it allows parents to make time for themselves as a couple; and for kids, it influences their development a lot.

Kids who spend time with their grandparents have less emotional and behavioral issues.

Grandma and Grandpa can and are very good at filling in for parents who are sometimes very exhausted, busy, or overworked. They have the patience, the time, and the experience to listen to them, answer all their questions, and help them cope with their emotions. As a result, kids who spend more time with their grandparents, have less emotional and behavioral issues.

Kids who spend time with their grandparents are happier.

When the grandparents spend time with the kids, everyone is happier: Mom and Dad have some time for themselves (finally) and the kids are having fun with people who are well-rested, full of energy, and ready to play with them for hours. Mom and Dad aren't always in the mood for games, especially when they have to cook, clean, pick up toys, feed the children, bathe the children, try to convince children to go to bed, and haven't had a goon night sleep in months. But when Grandma and Grandpa are spending time with kids, it's all about fun.

Kids who spend time with their grandparents are more sociable.

Grandparents are their first friends. They always encourage them, support them, and their presence increases their confidence and empathetic behavior. They become kind, considerate, and sociable, which helps them make friends easily.

Grandparents help them better understand their culture, roots, and family history.

Grandparents help us understand where we come from. This has been going on for decades, maybe even centuries. Mom and Dad may not always be in the mood to take out old photo albums and tell kids stories about their ancestors' successes and struggles, secret recipes from great-grandma, legends, old family traditions, and all that. But grandma and grandpa can't wait to tell them all about it, and they also have the time. Besides, there's something about grandparents telling stories. They just sound better coming from them.

Grandparents teach kids new things.

They are patient, aren't running late anywhere, so they've got plenty of time to teach kids new skills like cooking, sewing, baking, origami, or woodworking. They get the kids off the internet, and teach them new things while having fun!

A strong bond between Grandparents and kids is great for everyone. Children always have fun while at Grandma's house, Grandma's health is better, and Mom and Dad get to rest a little and do some adult activities for a change. Especially as the kids are very young, going out for a romantic dinner at the restaurant, or seeing a movie at the cinema, are activities that rarely happen.

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