Strong, Confident Women Have These 6 Habits

Do you have these habits?

1.They encourage others.

Putting others down is typical for weak people. They feel threatened, envious, and insecure, so they often denigrate others to feel better about themselves. A strong woman, on the other hand, has no reason to feel threatened, because she is confident and comfortable in her skin. She is aware of her value and appreciates the virtues of others, and instead of putting people down, she encourages them and supports them. Weak people often feel threatened by others who they perceive as 'better', in some way, because they fear they might take something from them. Their job, their husband, their friends, or a promotion at work. As a reaction, they begin starting rumors, they gossip, denigrate them, or even insult and humiliate them, as an attempt to take them down, in their and everyone else's eyes. A strong woman would never that. She is aware of her strengths, and she knows that to be the best, you have to work hard, as taking others down doesn't make you better in any way.

2. They pick their friends carefully.

Strong women don't need an army of friends and followers, because they don't seek validation from everyone. They hate wasting their time and energy on people who don't bring any value to their lives. They aren't scared of being alone, because they can fill their time with activities and people who help them grow. A strong woman doesn't despair when there's no one available to hang out on Saturday night. She'll go to bed with her favorite book and make the most of that spare time. She won't hang out with people she doesn't really like, out of the fear of feeling lonely. Strong women have a few, good friends they pick carefully. Unless you're a loyal, fair, and genuine friend, they won't waste any time and energy on you.

3. They confront their fears.

Strong women have fears, too, but they are aware that most of them are irrational. They are brave, and they confront their fears, getting out of their comfort zone. They may be afraid, but they find the courage to take risks and overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Instead of deciding something is impossible or too risky, they ask themselves "what's the worst that can happen?", think things through, and go for it.

4. They don't mind being the black sheep.

Strong women are often said to be 'the black sheep' because they are perceived as 'rebellious'. Not only it doesn't affect them, but they kind of like it. They take chances others wouldn't, and their life choices can look crazy to others. They don't conform to what everyone else does or believes is right, and they don't care what others think. Strong women aren't willing to let others decide what's right or good for them, because they know best what they need to be happy.

5. They don't put up with excuses.

Strong women have more respect for people who admit their mistakes, than those who come up with silly excuses. They are aware that no one (including them) is perfect, and if you've made a mistake, they will gladly accept your apology. But if you come up with excuses, they won't be interested in hearing them.

6. They know they aren't perfect.

Strong women don't pretend to know everything or to be always right. They are aware they're far from perfect, but unlike others, they put in a lot of effort to grow, learn and improve their skills. When they make a mistake, they admit it and do their best to make things right. And unlike others, they learn their lesson from each mistake. They are aware that there's always room for improvement, and they invest a lot of their time and energy to become the best they can be.

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