Study Finds That Daytime Napping Could Lower Heart Attack Risk

According to a recent study, taking a daytime nap once or twice a week could prevent heart attacks, strokes and heart failure.

The research published in the BMJ journal Heart analyzed the association of napping with incident cardiovascular diseased. The study found that people who enjoyed a few daytime naps a week were ar almost half the risk of events like heart attacks or strokes.

Even though napping isn't much studied in the field of sleep, scientists believe that it may benefit cardiovascular health, as it helps relieve stress,

The team of researchers at University Hospital Lausanne in Switzerland analyzed data on 3,262 people aged between 35 and 75 who were monitored for an average of five years.

They found that those who napped once or twice a week for 5 to 60 minutes had a 48% lower risk to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure compared to those who didn't nap at all.

However, those who napped more often, were more likely to suffer a life-threating heart event, because frequent naps are often a result of underlying health problems.

"The study of napping is challenging but also a promising field with potentially significant public health implications. While there remain more questions than answers, it is time to start unveiling the power of naps for a supercharged heart", the authors wrote.

It is still unclear whether daytime napping reduces blood pressure, as some argue that the act of waking up produces a surge of blood pressure, while others suggest a positive longer-term effect.

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