Test Your DETECTIVE Skills With These Fun Riddles!

You must be very smart to solve them all!

Let's see how good of a detective are you! We have 8 crime scenes and detective riddles to test your skills. They aren't very difficult, but you need to be focused and pay attention to the details, to solve them all. These fun quizzes will test your intelligence, logical sand detective skills! Also, solving difficult puzzles helps improve your logical skills and boost your mental activity. In other words, solving riddles counts like a short work-out for your brain. Let's see what you've got today!

~Test 1~

Find out why they ran that way!

Ella was lying tied to the railroad tracks. Someone had kidnapped her to play a bad joke. A train was now approaching her at high speed. Fortunately, her dog Goldy came to her rescue and bit the rope in the nick of time. Now, they have to get off the track, but they chose to run towards the train. Can you figure out why?

You must use your logic and critical thinking to find the right answer!

~Test 2~

Find the killer!

The Johnsons were all scientists, except for Matilda, the youngest, who didn't like science. She wanted to become a designer instead, which made her family very angry. She got accepted into a design school and announced her family. The next day, she was found murdered. The police questioned all the suspects. Her mother said she'd found her early in the morning and she was still shocked. The father said he'd been into an important meeting early in the morning, and he'd just heard about this from his wife. The aunt said she had just bought a new telescope and she'd been looking at stars all day long, adding that she had no idea who could have killed Matilda. Who is lying?

~Test 3~

Who is the killer?

Hannah is found dead in her house, and the police check the crime scene. They questioned all her neighbors: Jenny said that she was cleaning the windows that morning. When asked if she'd noticed anything strange, Jenny said that a woman in a big hat had entered Hannah's house and went out in a few minutes, and she couldn't see her face. Iris said she'd just come back from her vacation, and that she lived alone. Lora said she'd been watching a TV show, alone. The policeman arrested one of the women. Can you tell who is the killer?

~Test 4~

Find the killer!

All the drivers of public transport went on strike and life in the city stopped. In a school, the children found their teacher, Mrs. Adams, dead. Her son was going to the same school, and the other kids were jealous of him because his Mom always gave him better grades. The detective arrived and started interrogating all the students. Mike said he was in the cafeteria. Robert said he was saying goodbye to his parents in the schoolyard. Mary said she was in the bathroom. Alex said he was on his way to school, on the bus. Anna said she was in the schoolyard playing with her bear. Who is lying?

~Test 5~

Who killed Mary?

Mary was a cleaning lady at Mr. Butler's house. One day, her boss found her dead. Detective Henderson came and interrogated everyone who was home t the time of the murder. Here's what they said: Mr. Butler said he was in his office all day, and hen he went downstairs for a cup of coffee, he saw Mary. Sam said he 'd been mowing the grass all day long and saw Mary talking to Dan. Dan said he'd been playing basketball in the yard because he had a big match the next day. The detective immediately knew who was lying. Do you know?

~Test 6~

Can you find the killer?

Eric was a policeman, patrolling the streets when he passed his friend's house and noticed that his front door was opened, and a hand stuck out of it. He entered to investigate, and found his friend Jo lying on the floor. Eric immediately figured out that Jo had died right before his arrival. He questioned all the neighbors. Jack said he'd been planting trees in his garden all day. Tom said he'd been watching his favorite TV show. Rod said he'd been working on his car. Who killed Jo?

~Test 7~

Crack the code and find the killer!

Katie was robbed and killed by her neighbor. He came to her house, took all her valuables and money, and killed her so she wouldn't rat him out. He forced her to write a suicide note. She did and included a code in the note. The police questioned the neighbors. Clyde said he had just returned from a business trip. Bobby said he'd been at his Mom's house. Rober said he'd been out at the county fair. Katie's husband was going to call her mom when he immediately realized who the killer was. Can you tell?

~Test 8~

Who killed the teacher?

Look closely at the suspects. Analyze the picture, focus, and pay attention to the details.

Watch the video for the right answers! How many answers did you get right?

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