The Baby Who Was Born Without A Brain And Lived

Miracles happen every day, all over the world and this baby is the living proof. Born with only 2% of his brain, Noah Wall defied all odds and lived, stunning the medical world.

We all know that the brain is an essential organ that controls all body parts, hormones, memory, speech and movement, so how is it possible to live without one?

This is the story of a little boy who shocked doctors and medical professionals. Born in 2012, when he was still in the womb, he developed a rare condition which destroyed 98% of his brain. So, due to a disfigurement in the vertebral section, he missed the cerebrum.

Like most pregnant women do, his Mom also had all the tests done, to check on her baby's condition. During one of these tests, she found out that he'd developed "Spina bifida" and "Hydrocephalus" which caused fluid build-up in his skull, preventing the development of his brain.

When they realized Noah's condition, the doctors advised his Mom to terminate her pregnancy. They believed he was unlikely to live and even if he survived, the child would be disabled in many ways. But she decided to give birth to her child, no matter what.

Parents Shelly and Rob were prepared for the worst and had even picked out a coffin, but baby Noah lived, even if, as predicted, he was born with less than 2% grey matter in his brain.

Even though he is confined to a wheelchair and has to deal with many health problems, Noah is growing and so is his brain. He goes to school, he can count to 10, he reads, talks and can even use a pen.

He is now 6, he has a wonderful personality and an amazing team behind him. His parents are a true inspiration for us all!

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