The Bond Between Sisters Is Unbreakable

The bond between sisters is unique and unbreakable.

All siblings are a blessing, but the bond between sisters is unique and amazing. Even if she annoys you sometimes, a sister is always there for you, and she will be your friend forever.

Having a big sister is a blessing!

She thought you so many things: How to trick your parents, and where Mom & Dad hide the Christmas gifts; What to wear and which of her favorite clothes to stay away from; Which boys are all right, and who you should never ever talk to; She protected you, stood up for your, and let you copy her, as well her homework. She took you along everywhere she went, partly because she loved you, but mostly because your Mom forced her to. She took care of you because even though you fought over what to watch on TV, she loved you with all her heart. Having a big sister was like having a sleep-over with your BFF every day! Growing up, you had many friends, but none of them as loyal as your sister. And now that you're both adults, she's still your go-to person for everything. You may fight from time to time, but your love for each other is unquestionable. Even as grown-ups, she's still your best secret keeper and still protects you with everything she has.

Having a little sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.

You may not ever admit it in front of her, but your baby sister was the best gift your parents ever brought home. She invaded your space, but how great was it to no longer sleep alone? You've had many dolls growing up, but your baby sister was a real human doll you could play with all your life! You had the opportunity to test your skills on her - make-up skills, fashion designer skills, professional prankster skills, and bodyguard skills. You hated sharing your toys, clothes, and room with her, but you loved sharing long talks and special moments. You hated being forced to take her along everywhere you went but loved her always being there when you needed support. You hated her copying everything you did, but you secretly loved being her role-model! Your parents not only gave you a sister but a best friend you can never get rid of!

Sisters share a bond no one can ever break!

No other relationship is as great as sisterhood. Having a sister is like having a best friend who is always there for you, no matter what. No fight can break this bond! A sister will never talk behind your back because she's not afraid to say things straight to your face. You don't need to tell her when something's wrong, because she knows it by looking at you. She'll cheer for you no matter what and she'll always be your biggest supporter. You'll hurt each other, be mad with each other, but you'll also forgive each other and forget all about it. She'll embarrass you any chance she's got, but if anyone ever messes with you, she'll protect you with all her being.

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