The Fear Of Being Happy Is More Common Than You Think

The fear that if you are happy, something terrible will happen.

Life has thought us that if something seems too good to be true, there must be a catch.

After experiencing pain, disappointment, humiliation, most of us learn our lesson: If something or someone is too good to be true, it's suspicious. And when several good things happen one after the other, you start wondering what's the catch. Some people can't get over this feeling of suspicion and develop an aversion to happiness. This irrational fear is called Cherophobia and many people suffer from it.

Cherophobia is the fear that if you let go and be happy, something terrible might happen.

Some experts classify Cherophobia as a form of anxiety disorder. People who suffer from it aren't sad or anxious all the time. They just avoid doing things that might make them happy because they're scared that if they let go and enjoy themselves, something terrible might happen. For example, they avoid going to parties, concerts, or other celebrations. They reject opportunities that could bring a positive change to their life. They feel like being happy makes them a bad person, or it may attract something bad. If something good happens to them, instead of being glad, they worry, as good fortune is always followed by disaster. They believe enjoying life too much can have very bad consequences.

What are the causes?

Cherophobia comes from the belief that if something very good happens to you, a bad event might follow. People who feel this way might have suffered a trauma in the past, or might have experienced good fortune and loss in this particular order, more than once. Cherophobia can also be associated with perfectionists, who often feel that happiness is a trait specific to lazy people, as only hard work leads to success. So they avoid any activity that might make them happy because it's unproductive.

Cherophobia can have its roots in a person's childhood if punishment often followed happiness when they were kids. Some can fear bad things happening because they associate them with certain happy events. For example, one can have experienced conflict or loss during a vacation to a certain place, so they might avoid going back there, fearing it might happen again.

Most of the time, Cherophobia is caused by a traumatic event, a conflict or tragic experience in that person's past. With the help of therapy and meditation, this fear can be overcome in time.

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