There's No Love Like A Mother's Love For Her Children

MY MOTHER is a blessing no one can replace.

Nobody will ever love you as much as your Mother.

You never realize how much your mother loves you until you become a parent yourself. Only then you are able to realize how much joy you brought your parents when you were born. Only then you can feel a love so great and powerful. Throughout life, we are blessed to be loved by many people around us, but none is as great as the love of our Moms.

Your Mother loves you no matter what.

Ever since you were just a tiny embryo, your Mother loved you. She carried you for months and went through so much pain to bring you into this world. When you were helpless and tiny, she protected you, fed you, and cared for you. She made sure you were fed before she ate. She made sure you had clothes and shoes before she bought her own. She made sure you had enough sleep before she worried about resting herself. She held you tight when you were sick and scared. She put your health above her own. She sacrificed her body, health, wishes, and dreams, and put your needs above hers, every day.

Your Mother's love is unconditional.

Her love is unconditional. You've hurt her feelings, but her love for you only grew. You've broken her heart, but she forgave you every time. Her words were always loving, even when yours weren't. She patiently thought you how to walk, talk, and eat. She might not be perfect, as she is also human... even though sometimes it feels like she's an angel. She sacrificed her sleep, her needs, her dreams to raise you... and if she's made mistakes, forgive her. She did her best.

You're always going to be her baby.

Even now, when you've grown up, she looks at you with loving eyes and sees the baby who brought her so much joy. She may not be able to hold you like she used to, but you will always fit between her arms. And even though her love for you is infinite, it will always fit into her heart.

God bless all the Mothers who gave their everything to raise us!

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